Kleertjes.com: Affiliate Marketing

At kleertjes.com you can choose from its own product range and as well as of external sellers. This way you will find an extensive range with many different brands, products, and prices, and you can choose the offer that suits you best.



The publishers have to draw attention to the brands as well as the themes, actions and the service of Kleertjes. The aim is to reach the relevant target group in the most appropriate way, to address them, and to ensure the reach results in conversion. 



To achieve this goal, the following campaign has been determined:

Tool: Affiliate network

Hundreds of different types of publishers send relevant traffic to kleertjes.com, and thus generate additional sales / orders. We connect the consumer with Kleertjes through the use of fashion platforms, content and blog sites, mail parties, and other publishers where mothers with young kids are. 



The campaign has the following key results:

Qualitative results at Mamaplaats

  • Focus on themes, and promotions of Kleertjes.com;
  • Generate reach via relevant platforms;
  • Being present where the target group is;
  • Correct ratio of new customers vs. existing customers with the focus on new customers;
  • Sparring partner with regard to new online concepts;
  • ROI optimization. 

Quantitative results at Mamaplaats

  • Maximize additional turnover;
  • Taking care of thousands of orders every month;
  • Activating as many relevant publishers as possible;
  • Ensuring continuous online visibility, and presence.

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