Dyson: Content marketing

Dyson launches a new cordless vacuum cleaner that is powerful, and quiet. A unique combination. This new and unique product should be brought to attention.


You have to prove in a natural way whether a product is good and whether it works. Familyblend advised an extensive test panel that zooms in on the USPs of the vacuum cleaner. Paying close attention to the match between the tester, and the Dyson brand. In order to be able to draw attention to it widely, the results were plotted through various exposure channels.


Tool: Test panel with 4 carefully selected testers.

In questionnaires, they have been asked to bring up the USPs of the new vacuum cleaner. They eventually rated the Dyson with an 8.9!

Tool: Social media campaign

The test result (8.9) was distributed in word, and image to a large and relevant target group via Facebook, and Instagram.

Tool: Giveaway

In addition to branding, this ensures direct activation with the target group. The non-winners will receive a discount code (with a substantial discount ) to purchase a vacuum cleaner. The giveaway is posted on the website, in the newsletter, on Instagram, and on Facebook.



The campaign has the following key results:

Qualitative results at Mamaplaats

  • Knowledge of the new products among the target group;
  • Increasing likeability of the brand;
  • Top of mind brand awareness;
  • Let the target group form an honest opinion of the product;
  • Obtaining unique content: mothers test, share text, and images (= valuable!).

Quantitative results at Mamaplaats

  • Goal of 100,000 reached persons has been achieved (155K);
  • Review score: 8,9. Dyson also uses this figure in its own communications;
  • Social media campaign delivered > 2,500 clicks to Dyson;
  • Dozens of vacuum cleaners have been sold through a unique discount code;
  • 875 participants took part in the giveaway.

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