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Our influencer network, with more than 1,000 mom influencers, colors your brand! Influencers translate your story into inspiration and appealing content. Then, they spread this like a powerful avalanche over all their socials Instagram, Facebook, Mamaplaats, and YouTube.


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Influencer network

Familyblend has its own influencer network: MPIN. A sustainable network with more than 1,000 members (nano and micro influencers).

This network is different from other networks. We are connected with our influencers, and offer them as much added value as possible, for example: 

  • Growth, and development
  • Contacts
  • Campaigns

The MP•IN is a network influencers feel connected with. A valuable reach for Influencer Marketing.

Influencer marketing

Familyblend has a lot of experience with the use of influencers as marketingtool for brands. We do not believe in automated matching, but we will select the right influencers for your challenge with craftsmanship. 

Do you really want to make impact? Then we would like to tell you more about our tool “influencer impact campaign”, in which a mass of influencers are deployed in a short time.

Familyblend offers the possibility to measure influencer campaigns based on results through its innovative tracking software.

Unique benefits

  • Guaranteed reach
  • Professional real time project management
  • Matching based on knowledge and relationships
  • High-quality content
  • High engagement
  • Grow on your own socials
  • Transparency in reporting
  • Optimization advice afterwards

Influencer marketing x Affiliate marketing

Familyblend offers the possibility to mix Influencer Marketing with Affiliate Marketing. This makes it possible for advertisers to gain transparency about what conversion an influencer campaign yields.


Success Stories


Influencer Marketing 


Affiliate Marketing


Content Marketing

Top influencers


“The collaboration with Familyblend has been a great move. We have started cautiously with some branding campaigns. We are now on the path of blogger / influencer, and that looks very promising.”

Lex Kloet


Familyblend has helped us a lot in finding the right influencers for our campaigns that match the new Perry strategy. Thanks to the collaboration, our number of Instagram followers has increased, and we have addressed the right target group.”

An Nguyen

Perry Sport

“If someone can switch quickly, it is Familyblend! Every branded content campaign that Familyblend has carried out for Zigt has been successful. We are happy to continue working together!” 

Lisa Noot


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