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Starting a conversation with mothers?

Familyblend has a unique – in house – social medium made for, and by mothers.
Here, real moms share real, authentic, and honest stories. Mamaplaats is the largest, and most vibrant mom community in the Netherlands, and is the perfect place for brands to talk to the target audience mothers.






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Mission Mamaplaats

Mamaplaats is an open website, where real mothers share real stories in order to be more connected with each other.

Mamaplaats has grown into a serious alternative to the “big” social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. But, with 1 overarching theme: motherhood.

Mothers meet several times a day at Mamaplaats, where they follow, like, respond, and get in touch. But, especially to recognize themselves in each other’s stories.

At mamaplaats, real connection arises. A fertile place for content marketing.

Brand activation? Improve top-of-mind at mothers?

Advertisers choose Mamaplaats because this is a proven effective area for their message.
The editorial staff of Mamaplaats transforms your message into authentic content tools.

  • Sponsored Story
  • Social Promotion
  • Review / Test panels
  • Branded content

Mamaplaats has been able to touch mothers for years with the correct translation of our message into authentically relevant content for mothers.”


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 “Familyblend knows its target group so well that topics that are difficult to discuss are converted into successful campaigns with impact. Nice to have an editorial team that thinks along with you!”

Romy Vooijs


“Keep up the good work. A nice, personal approach, and fast switching is highly appreciated.”


Cindy van Ooijk

“Familyblend always manages to bring our brands to the attention of our target group in a relevant, natural way, with creative campaigns”

Mandy Beuckens

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