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Back To School

Bart Gresnigt

JULY 2020

Summer has only just begun, but it is smart to already think about the period after: the Back To School (BTS) period. It is not only another important phase for families, but also for brands to be on top of this valuable marketing moment.

The BTS phase is one of the most important online shopping periods of the year. Schools won’t reopen for 5/6 weeks, but consumers will be ready for online BTS shopping in July. This is why it is important for brands to be top-of-mind as early as possible. In this competitive market, many brands will again turn to influencers for help. FamilyBlend is happy to work for your brand to realize an effective BTS Influencer Marketing campaign.

1: Involve the right channels

Back To School (BTS) is a shopping period in which mothers, fathers, and children are all busy buying stuff. Keep in mind that they can all orient themselves on different channels. Don’t forget social media, such as TikTok, where many teenagers get their inspiration from. Or, get influencers on the Pinterest channel, which inspires crowds of people in addition to Instagram during this period. Ow, and don’t forget to check whether there are blogs or review websites where parents can be informed about the right products. YouTube is a perfect channel for that.


2: Choose the right Influencers

Connection arises when there are similarities between the influencers, its followers, and the brand. Ask yourself: why is this influencer right for me? What do we have in common? Does this influenceer convey the same values? Research shows that a BTS purchase is mainly made on the basis of price, product, and convenience. Therefore, it is important that an influencer is open to convey this to her supporters without compromising high-quality inspiration content.

3: Good timing

Most of the consumers shop during the sale period, and prefer discounts and promotions. That is why it would be a good time to have Influencers tell their followers that the sale has started exactly at the start of your sale. When it comes to more expensive products, such as laptops, backpacks, office furniture, orienteering takes place all summer long. But, when it comes to school supplies, and new clothes, August is THE month for exposure.


4: New adventures

Besides books, laptops, clothing, and school supplies, beauty items, and personal care products are also popular. BTS isn’t just about going back to school, and taking classes. It’s also about making new friends, and having new experiences. Any product that helps you feeling confident will help with this.

That is why ‘how to’ / tutorial-like content is very popular in this period. If you as a brand know how to help children, and students, through Influencer Marketing, to start school with confidence, you are 10 points ahead of others.

Back-to-School is one of the biggest e-commerce periods of the year.

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