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Sophie Marcolina

Familyblend has a golden construction in its hands: pure content with a sharp call to action created by influencers ensures success in market reach + generates sales. Win win.

We would like to share the “blend” with you, our vision, and some relevant examples. At Familyblend we work in three phases: advise, connect, and optimize.

1: Advise

The focus in this construction is a good, solid foundation. The product or brand must suit the influencer, and this must be substantiated. 

For example:

  • I am already a fan, and already use the product;

  • I am curious about the product, and it suits my family / life style;

  • I use product x, and can compare it to this brand;

  • I have never heard of this but I think it suits because…

Within the influencer database (700+), a campaign call is made, and a nice list of registrations follows. This is superseded by a screening from project management, with a list of requirements from the customer, and team influencer for engagement ratios, and the quality of interactions. Just as long until a final, suitable selection has been formed by Familyblend. The customer chooses a number of these, and the basis for a successful campaign is made.


2: Connect: briefing, checking, refining, giving exposure

Now, the work behind the scenes starts: drawing up briefings, filling schedules, and setting up contracts. All influencers are approached individually, and the campaign highlights are discussed.

Influencers start creating content, and meantime coordinate this with the editorial staff, and project management. This is where spell checks, correction rounds, and optimization points are addressed. The customer will see the final preview, and content goes live after approval. We guide the influencers in this. For example, together we discover which moments that work best for your supporters to get a large reach, and a lot of interaction.

Our platform Mamaplaats (950K unique traffic) is used to start the process, and to keep it moving. Tools such as the newsletter, Instagram, Facebook, homepage banners, and social ads provide an extra boost.

3: Optimize

Here we go back to our database. We accurately keep track of which influencers convert well, can shoot real campaign images, are queen in vlogging or are good at writing stories. This, in combination with the engagement figures, follower growth, and QVs at Mamaplaats, give a complete overview. Our database becomes stronger per campaign, we make a difference, and a match for a follow-up or new campaign can be found in no-time .

Featured: DrDetoxBox

1. 1. A juice cure of 3 days, to cleanse your body, and to become more energized. We asked, within the influencer network, who would like to try this, and thinks DrDetoxBox fits well with themselves + their supporters on socials. This resulted in >100 registrations. Team influencer went through this selection, and made a final selection of 25 influencers based on the engagement ratios, and the customer’s preferences . The customer chose 15 influencers form this list, and packages were delivered to the influencers.

2. Influencers received a unique discount code for the supporters, and freedom and creativity to organize the campaign how they considered it appropriate. Obviously, in consultation with the editorial staff, and there was continuous optimization, and refinement.

3. Result: very cool images that DrDetoxBox can use in its communication, real campaign worthy images. Sharp texts and vlogs, and …
>200 sales!

From the effort of 15 influencers, 200 followers have purchased a juice cure. As an added bonus, this once again resulted in a wave of exposure. The new customers who have been recruited through the influencers have also posted a lot, and spread the message.


Another successful campaign is Pixum (photo prints, books and photo gifts). With the usage of 25 influencers, more than 500 sales were generated! Read the case here.

Conclusion: 1 + 1 = 3

Using influencers to generate conversion in addition to reach potential customers is a success. With a healthy influencer database, professional tools & management, and a beautiful brand of course!

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