We transform goals

into successful campaigns

The blend

Connection arises when 2 parties give and take, see and hear each other, and are stronger together than apart. We look at your ambition from this basic thought. We carefully select the best tools x effective reach, and create your specific marketing blend. The result? Connection between your brand, and young families.


How we work

A campaign never stands on its own. It starts, and ends with vision, matching with your dot on the horizon. Familyblend is a full service agency, and assists its customers along the way.


For more than 15 years we have been the knowledge partner in reaching young families


We carefully select the best tools x effective reach. This is how we connect young families with your brand.


What is your dot on the horizon? Before, during, and after a successful campaign, your ambition is key.

Do you also want to reach 3 million young families?