Affiliate Marketing

At you can easily order your groceries online and have it delivered to your kitchen. PLUS has been named supermarket of the year for the 5th time in a row! The goal of PLUS is to reach as many customers as possible online with the result of the customers ordering their groceries online.  The focus is both on new and existing customers.



Familyblend advised to use the affiliate network with thousands of publishers. In this way, hundreds of publishers send relevant traffic to and thus generate additional revenue. Through this commitment, PLUS is visible on many different (food) platforms. Familyblend did achieve a performance and branding objective for PLUS. 


To achieve this goal, the following campaign has been determined:

Tool: Affiliate network

Many different types of publishers send relevant traffic to and thus generate additional sales / orders. With this traffic we connected the consumer to



The campaign has the following key results:

Qualitative results

  • Service and control by a dedicated account manager;
  • Visibility on relevant platforms;
  • Ensuring the correct publisher mix;
  • Sending relevant traffic to with the aim of repeat purchases;
  • Thinking along with new publisher concepts that match the objective;
  • Following the PLUS marketing calendar and translating it online.

Quantitative results


  • Sent hundreds of thousands of relevant visitors to every month;
  • Taking care of thousands of orders every month;
  • Visibility on hundreds of relevant publishers;
  • ROI optimization.

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