Pixum: Influencer marketing

Pixum wants to increase their brand awareness and bring the Dutch in contact with their products. This was widely brought to attention by means of an influencer impact campaign with the additional objective of generating sales.


Who can better speak enthusiastically about a brand or product than a fan himself?

Familyblend advised Pixum to use a large selection of influencers who feel connected to the brand. Each influencer received a unique, personal discount code that was communicated to their followers.



Tool: Influencer impact campaign

25 appropriate influencers were selected. Each with their own discount code and freedom regarding the campaign content in order to stimulate creativity.

Tool: Social campaign

The most beautiful campaign images were distributed to a large, relevant reach.



The campaign has the following key results:

Qualitative results at Mamaplaats

  • Knowledge of the entire product range among the target group;
  • Beautiful images made that can be reused;
  • Buzz around the brand due to the large number of used influencers;
  • Every influencer had their own approach, making the campaign versatile.

Quantitative results at Mamaplaats

  • Overall target of 850,000 people achieved> 1,000,000;
  • Together, 25 influencers have generated more than 100 utterances;
  • Social campaign delivered more than 5,000 clicks to Pixum;
  • More than 500 sales generated through a unique code.

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