Pampers: Influencer marketing

Pampers has recently launched a new product: Pampers Pure. They want to tell their USPs to the target group with the help of the users themselves (parents).



Familyblend advised using a selection of influencers that are very pure and who stay close to themselves. The created images and text were used as input for sponsored stories in order to generate extra market reach.




Tool: Influencer impact campaign

Six appropriate influencers were used, each with a baby and family core values ​​that match the USPs of Pampers Pure.


Tool: Social campaign

The most beautiful campaign images were distributed to a large, relevant reach.

Tool: Sponsored story

A SEO optimized article, with links to Pampers, on a permanent dedicated page. Evergreen content.




The campaign has the following key results:

Qualitative results at Mamaplaats

  • Big bang due to the use of influencers with a large group of followers;
  • Pure content made by real mothers;
  • Evergreen content by means of sponsored stories, which Pampers can use in its communication.

Quantitative results at Mamaplaats

  • >1,500,000 people from the target group were reached;
  • 6 influencers together reached 500,000! 
  • Repetition works: higher engagement (+ 3% for repostings).

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