Monuta: Content marketing

Monuta arranges funerals and takes out insurances for this. A subject that you do not like to think of, but which is important to arrange properly. Monuta asked us to pay attention to subjects related to life and death in a ‘positive’ way and to link this to their expertise and insurance.



After various brainstorming sessions, a list of suitable topics was created, which were linked to Monuta in a positive way. Think of themes such as bucket list (what do you want to do before you are gone), holding on to memories (how can you hold on to precious memories in a lovely way) and gratitude (name three things for which you are grateful). One flight has been built around each theme. 



To achieve this goal, the following flight has been set up per subject (a total of eight flights):

Tool: Influencer usage

A personal story that fits the theme with a concluding question to create engagement.


Tool: Instagram story

The best quotes and photos of the influencer are highlighted and with a question sticker is asked for input for the following tool: sponsored story.


Tool: Sponsored story

A summary of the influencer commitment is, together with the answers to the question sticker, combined in a list: ’10x this is on your bucket list’ or ‘5x this is how you determine a good guardian for your children’.


Tool: Social campaign

All visitors of the influencer blog and the sponsored story are reached again via social ads with an informative message from Monuta with call-to-action: calculate what a funeral insurance costs for your family.



The campaign has the following key results:

Qualitative results at Mamaplaats

  • Lighten a heavy subject;
  • Created reusable content;
  • Loaded themes as an inspiration for mothers to write non-sponsored blogs on the same topic;
  • Learned about the need to think about this topic.

Quantitative results at Mamaplaats

  • > 10,000 clicks realized by people from the target group, who have been in contact with Monuta before = very relevant;
  • 2 million people reached within eight months;
  • 10 influencers selected from over 100 registrations.

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